Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply online by clicking the link on our website and entering the amount you are looking to borrow from our financing partner Enhancify. You generally receive a pre-approval within seconds. Once you do the full application, most clients have the funds in their account within 3 days and are ready to start their project. We do not receive any of your personal credit information, all we receive is an email telling us you applied, were approved or denied, and that your loan was funded.

The state of Texas does not offer licensing for General Contractors or Roofers. They do have licensing for HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing trades, and we only use licensed workers or those working under another’s license.

Yes, JC’s Residential in fully insured and even bonded for extra protection. We are also 5 Star Rated and A+ Rated by the BBB.

JC’s Residential never collects any payment until the day we start construction. Payments can be made via cash, check, cashier’s check, Venmo, Cashapp, ACH electronic check, and every major credit card (3% fee applies). Most people prefer ACH/electronic check for the ease and convenience of paying online. When payments are made depends on the length and scope of your individual project. All payment terms will be provided beforehand.

Permits required depend on the individual job and county / area the job is in, so this will vary greatly from job to job. When permits are required for a job, JC’s Residential will handle the entire process for you to make things easier. HOA approval is typically handled by the homeowner before the estimate or before the job begins where applicable, but we are more than willing to assist with this process.

We are available via phone, text or email. You can reach us at 281-245-4472 or at: Some things must be done via email, otherwise we will communicate in the method you prefer.

At JC’s Residential our quotes are always free to you!

Rarely. Typically, the price of the estimate will stand, unless you decide to make changes to the scope of work, or an unforeseen issue should arise. In this event, we stop work to discuss the changes needed and you would approve a Change Order for the additional work.

They can, as new windows are often much more energy efficient and better insulated than older windows are. This change will often help people to save on energy bills and thusly can be seen as a product paying for itself over time.

EVERYTHING construction related. Seriously. We do everything both interior and exterior. From your foundation to your roof, we’ve got you covered.

No. We can, and frequently do, commercial work as well.

We work on both Existing and New Construction.

 Everything we do, is custom just for you. At JC’s we may suggest certain items for budgetary concerns, but the customer is the designer, unless they prefer to let us Design their project and work with our in-house Certified Interior Decorator.

Every job is unique, but we make every attempt to complete each job as quickly as possible while keeping our high standards. Roof Replacements are typically done in one to two days, weather pending. Siding jobs will vary by the amount of work to be done, but repair jobs are also usually completed within a day.

Some work is done by on staff employees, and other work is done by our trusted subs that have worked with us for years and that are licensed in their field of expertise or those that only specialize in their specific trade.

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